What I do

For homeowners and lovers of architecture, I reveal and perpetuate the beauty of your property with impressive and dramatic images.
For those renting or selling properties, whether individuals or real estate agents,
I offer a state-of-the-art vehicle for effectively marketing properties.
For building and other professionals, I capture key phases of projects that can facilitate and document your work.

Drone Imagery

  Using an artistic and marketing perspective, I work by examining your visual needs to achieve your own creative or business goals.  I create high quality aerial images that are unique and stunning.

Real Estate Photography Interiors / Exteriors

  With so many prospective buyers and renters doing most of their research online, high quality photos are more important than ever.


My photography, whether aerial or on the ground, provides a tremendous opportunity for your property to stand apart.

Visual Reporting Construction / Inspection


 With the use of photos and videos by drone and from the ground, I provide an invaluable tool to track the progress of a project.

This type of construction site reporting allows you to follow a project remotely, as well as have a visual history of the project.

Visual documentation can also be used to assist with building inspections and insurance evaluations.

Floor Plans

  I offer clear Floor Plans in 2D, 3D or interactive with photos. These are an essential part of the real estate marketing mix during all stages of construction, sale or rental.

Mapping Aerial Topography

   Get geo-referenced photographs captured by drone for mapping, land surveying and more.

These aerial photographs considerably decrease the time to acquire data from the ground, particularly if there are places that are difficult to access.

How does it work?

   Do you have a particular idea, wish or need?  Contact me to tell me your story and let’s make it happen!

I can capture a special view of your home, a place, an upcoming event, a residential or commercial property and much more.

We’ll choose a date to make it happen (to be confirmed based on the weather).

I handle all aspects of the photography, including: researching the location, obtaining necessary/regulated permissions, planning and handling the shoot, editing and digitally enhancing the images, and providing you with the finished product on the Cloud in a secure space for  your access.